Current Activities
Handgun Instructors Course and Range Safety Officer Course
From 21 to 23 October 2011, 14 members of the Labrador Hunting and Fishing Association took part in Firearms Training at the Dakota Range at 5 Wing Goose Bay.

Mr. David Burke (Burke's Gun Oil) of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association in Ontario travelled to Happy Valley-Goose Bay to provide certified training on firearms use and safety. Members became certified trainers for the Handgun Safety Course and were certified as, Range Safety Officers and trainers.

The LHAFA sponsored the training with all costs covered through registration fees.
Here are some projects the LHAFA is currently working on or are involved with
Providing member's representation on Wildlife Management Issues, specifically regarding Caribou, Moose, and Ptarmigan Quotas, bag limits and seasons. The LHAFA was an active member of the George River Caribou Herd Management Workshop, in the spring of 2011.

The LHAFA is a member of the Labrador Woodland Caribou Recovery Team and The Labrador Salmonid Advisory Committee.

The LHAFA provides input on recommendations on Fisheries Management Issues including Atlantic Salmon and Trout Angling regulations and the Subsistence Trout Net Fishery. The Association opposes DFO's decision for the 2011 Season to eliminate the retention of a Large Salmon by anglers in Labrador and to lower the Salmon by-catch in the Subsistence Trout Net Fishery from 4 Salmon down to 3 Salmon.

The LHAFA is actively working towards:

Establishing a Boating Marina and boat launching facilities at Terrington Basin.

Establishing a Shooting Range in the Happy Valley-Goose Bay area.

Addressing Trapping concerns in Labrador.

Promoting outdoor recreational activities as well as information and education programs. The Association encourages people to complete a Firearms Hunter - Safety Education Course and a Safe Boating course.

Continuing to develop our Webpage promoting the Association and providing contact and membership information.

Encouraging new Membership Recruitment.
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